Anime/Manga Title ID Relations JSON API written in C# (ASP.NET Core)

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Hato is a REST API built on ASP.NET Core and written in C#. It allows developers to easily look up title identifiers for a certain title on different listing services to increase interoperability for things like exporting lists, list syncing and updating entries on different services of the same title. The mappings are stored in a database so that title id mappings can be retrieved without a lookup.

Supported Services

Currently, Hato supports conversion of title ids of the following:

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Currently, this is a free service for testing by using the form above. For use in applications, you must be an active patron to request access. You can support this project and others (Hachidori and Shukofukurou) by becoming a Patreon. Once you become a patron, you can request access to this production instance.

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How to Use


GET https://hato.malupdaterosx.moe/api/mappings/(service)/(media type)/(id)


Parameter Value Required
service mal or kitsu or anilist (Anime Only: anidb or notify) true
media type MediaType (anime or manga) true
id number true


[GET] http://hato.malupdaterosx.moe/api/mappings/kitsu/anime/11134




Hato is licensed under Apache License 2.0